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Cross or off-road skates are inline skates under which a rail with pneumatic tyres is mounted. The pneumatic tyres have a diameter of 125mm - 150mm. Depending on the model, two or three pneumatic tyres are mounted per frame. [read more]

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Inline skates for the woods

In contrast to classic Nordic-Skates, the Cross-Skates can also be used without poles. Thanks to the big tyres, they can also be used on unpaved or wet trails. These skates are really fun on paved forest paths and dirt trails such as pumptracks, where the off-road skates show what they can do.

With cross skates, it should be noted that they have a noticeably higher rolling resistance, compared to PU wheels, of "normal" skates due to the pneumatic tyres. Therefore, the speed with the off-road skates is also different. With PU wheels, speeds of 30 km/h and faster can be reached effortlessly. With the pneumatic tyres of the cross-skates, it is more like 15 km/h with the same effort. In addition, the skates with the stronger frames and the heavier pneumatic tyres also have more weight. Therefore, please note that off-road skates are more suitable for skating in close contact with nature and are not built for speed records.

The difference between 2-Wheeler and 3-Wheeler

Powerslide is the only manufacturer that currently produces cross skates. The skates are available with two pneumatic tyres per skate and with three pneumatic tyres. But what is the difference here and which construction is the right one for you? First there were the 3-Rollers, which are the most powerful SUV skates in the Powerslide collection. They are made for extreme use and downhill descents. Due to the middle roller, the skates offer more smoothness on very rough terrain with many obstacles and roll easily over bumps because the distance between the tyres is smaller.

The intention in developing the 2-roller was essentially to save weight. The lack of a middle wheel saves weight and the rail can also be made a little shorter. This makes the skate lighter and also more manoeuvrable. In very rough terrain, however, the long distance between the tyres can make the ride a little more "choppy". The two wheels are suitable for all those who mainly ride on paved forest paths and want to use the skate for endurance training.

Our tip: In combination with skating poles, skating becomes a challenging full-body workout. You train not only the legs, but also the upper body, arms and back muscles.


In inline hockey, the direction is changed quickly and the action is pretty hard. This means that high forces act on the material and your body. Therefore, it is important that you find the perfect fit. This way you avoid blisters and chafing and you have more fun skating.

The best way to do this is to use our fit guide in three easy steps.



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