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Inline hockey is becoming increasingly popular in Germany and around the world. So that the fun doesn't stop when the wheels under your skates are worn out, we offer suitable replacements. We carry all major brands such as Base, Prime, Hyper etc.. Hockey wheels are available for different applications and in different sizes.
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Hockey wheels for your next match!

When choosing your new hockey wheels, pay attention to the correct hardness, which is indicated in "A" on the wheel, e.g. 82A. Outdoor wheels are much harder than indoor wheels, so the number before the "A" is higher. This has to do with the different surfaces on which the wheels are used.

On the smooth floor of a (sports) hall you need a soft wheel (74A-80A) so that you have enough grip for fast changes of direction and good acceleration. Outdoors, the wheels can be harder (81A-88A). A soft indoor wheel would wear out much too quickly outdoors. In addition, a hard wheel accelerates better on asphalt or concrete.

The wheel size you need depends on your skate. We recommend that you follow the manufacturer's specifications. Almost all manufacturers print the maximum wheel size on the rail of the inline skates. If this is not the case, take a look at your old wheels or measure the available space. If you find, for example, the following information 76x76x80x80, then your skate is using a so-called HighLow-Setup. The first two wheels have a diameter of 76mm and the rear two have a diameter of 80mm.

We generally deliver all hockey wheels without ball bearings and spacers. We recommend a robust steel bearing for your hockey use, such as the SKF-Race ball bearing. If you play a lot outdoors and in damp conditions, it is best to use a rust-free bearing. You can find the right tools for installing and maintaining ball bearings and rollers in our skate-tools category.



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