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110mm wheels are becoming more and more popular thanks to the introduction of tri-skates a few years ago. The range of use extends from freestyle wheels to recreational wheels to speed skate wheels. [read more]

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110mm wheels for skates

In order to give you the maximum skate experience with maximum savings, we have put together set offers for you here. Well-known manufacturers such as Powerslide, Matter, RS-Race, MPC and others are represented. All wheels come in a set with ball bearings and spacers. The configuration of your own sets is also possible. Simply select the desired wheels, bearings and spacers and save.

We make sure to use high quality ball bearings in our sets, so you can choose from SKF and MOVEMAX bearings. If yhere.

We have summarised all important informations about ball bearings for skating. We offer 6mm and 8mm so that the wheel can be installed in (almost) every inliner in the world.



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