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Nordic skating or cross skating is a sport that is practised with poles. Whether you use gloves is a matter of taste. Especially in the cold seasons, however, the coverings for the hands make perfect sense. But gloves don't just protect you from the cold and wet. They also reliably protect the hands from skin abrasions in the event of a fall. [read more]

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Since classic wrist guards are not suitable for Nordic skating, we also recommend that all Nordic beginners practice with gloves.

So that it doesn't get too warm in summer, we also have fingerless gloves in our range. We offer full and fingerless gloves from KV+, Powerslide and Leki. The latest generation of Leki gloves come with the Shark System. This means that they already have small loops built in, which can be clicked into the matching Leki poles.

In this way, the connection to the Nordic skating pole can be released in seconds. Another feature that only Leki currently offers is the Boa system. The gloves can be reliably fixed to the wrist wrist via a twist closure. The gloves are then released by pulling the Boa button. This then releases the tensioning cords of the Boa system and allows the glove to be quickly removed. the glove can be quickly removed.



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