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What is so special about Trinity frames? Trinity is an asymmetrical `frame mounting system from Powerslide. With the Trinity mount, the shoe is attached to the frame with three screws instead of the traditional two. Inline skates with Trinity mounting offer a...[read more]

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Why Trinity?

Inline skates with Trinity mounting offer a lower centre of gravity, more stability, more power transfer and more safety.

The development towards ever larger wheels also poses new challenges for the material. So Powerslide asked itself how these factors could be combined with the possibility of quickly quick, easy and adjustable mounting of a skate rail on the shoe.

One mounting point at the front became two, which are now next to the rollers. It quickly became clear that this was the way to achieve the following advantages:

  • The rollers can be guided under the shoes as if through a channel
  • The result is a lower stance height and a lower centre of gravity, which provides more stability and control
  • Better power transmission, due to a larger contact area of the rail
  • More control & safety: due to the 3-point connection, shoe and rail are better connected

The familiar adjustability remains thanks to mounting points aligned transversely to the direction of travel.

In which disciplines of skating is Trinity recommended?

The Trinity Mounting System is used in all disciplines of inline skating: Speed, Urban, Recreational, Fitness, Hockey, Salom, Freestyle, Inline Alpine and Downhill.




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