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When it comes to high speeds, you can not get around the speed skating in the inline area. The wheels that are used here have a diameter of 90mm - 125mm. All wheels come from the manufacturer in the bullet shape. This makes them particularly dynamic and the rolling resistance is thus reduced. In addition, manufacturers such as Matter install an inner band in the wheel. Thus, the rebound is once again significantly improved. [read more]

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The larger the wheels, the faster it can be skated at the end. With increasing the size of the wheel, the agility decreases. Also it is harder to accelerate the skate fast, because of the higher diamter it takes more energy for the acceleration.

So you should be sure in advance what kind of races you want to skate. For short and very curvy races, a smaller wheel, like 100mm or 110mm makes sense. On a marathon, with many long straights, the 125mm wheels should be mounted. Exactly which wheel is taken always depends on the wishes and preferences of the skater. Some people prefer a wheel with a high durometer - others like an Alucore instead of a plastic core. Everything has advantages and disadvantages and must be matched to the particular skater.

That was now quite a lot of technical terms. If you no longer see the road before loud wheels, then here is a general explanation on the subject of roles for you. There, all the technical terms and the basics are explained again. If you still have questions, we are happy to help you. With us you can buy wheels of all known manufacturers. In our assortment you will find: Wheels for Rollerblade Skates, for K2 Skates for Powerslide, wheels for Seba, wheels for Fila skates, for Salomon skates and for Bont.

NOTE: The wheels are always sold without ball bearings.



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