Best Price Request Information

If any other German skate shop website or E-Bay offers one of our items (identical in form, size and color) at a cheaper price (including shipping costs), we will match this price according to our conditions.

Here's the Best Price Request!

The BEST PRICE REQUEST is subject to the following conditions:

Offers of other retailers
We only match prices of other GERMAN retailers. Private individuals are not considered as retailers. As for onlineshops, the Internet domain must end in either ".de" or ".net".
Besides, that shop must have the said item in stock and it must be ready for delivery.
In addition to that, the item must be factory-new and in original packaging.

Identical products
The said item must be identical in size, colour and must have the same EAN. Imitations are not considered as identical products.

Time limit
The best-price-request expires after a period of 7 days after concluding a contract with sport-net GmbH. Within this time limit, the customer must complete the Best Price Request and send it to us. We do not accept other ways of hinting at offers by other retailers.

The best-price-request only applies to individuals. Retailers cannot claim the best-price-request.

Price comparison
The reference price is the gross price plus shipping costs (without express shipments etc) which holds true for all consumers. Special discounts for staff or the like are not considered as reference prices.