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With the choice of Nordic skates with pneumatic tyres, the question quickly arises: Which model is right for me?
With shoe or without? 125mm, 150mm or 200mm?
Even if this rough selection has been made, the market offers a wide range of models that come into question. Therefore, here is an overview of corresponding models. [read more]

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200mm air tyres - the off-roaders
All those who will spend more time off-road than on the road are well advised to use the large 200mm wheels. The larger diameter and wider tyres ensure safety and propulsion even on softer surfaces. Recommended for advanced Nordic skaters. Models with 200mm pneumatic tyres: Skike V9 Fire 200, SRB XRS06, SRB XRS07, Nordic Scout.

150mm air tyres - the all-roundersr
Most models are equipped with 150mm wheels. Very good riding characteristics and comfortable rolling on roads and firm paths. Recommended for beginners as well as for experienced Nordic skaters. Models with 150mm pneumatic tyres: Skike V9 Fire 150, Skike V9 Fire Tour 150, Powerslide XC Trainer 150, Powerslide XC Skeleton, SRB XRS02, SRBXRS03

3x125mm air tyres - 100% Fun
The skates with 3x125mm pneumatic tyres can also be ridden without Nordic poles and are therefore also a good alternative for inline skaters who are looking for shoes with which they can also ride on dirty roads or cover short distances off-road. Models with 3x125mm pneumatic tyres: Powerslide Zoom Renegade 125

2x150mm & 3x150mm air tyres - no Limits!
Can also be ridden with or without poles and fun is guaranteed. Manoeuvrable and light thanks to a short wheelbase, universally usable thanks to pneumatic tyres. The model is perfect for skaters looking for an on-road-off-road Nordic fun skate. Models with 3x150mm pneumatic tyres: Powerslide Next Edge 150, Powerslide Next Outback 150

After the tyre size comes the next decision: Do I ride with my own shoes and closure system or do I use a fixed shoe? All models that are ridden with your own shoes have the decisive advantage that there will be no fit problems. In addition, you can choose the footwear depending on the weather and season. Depending on the model, you fasten yourself to the rail with Velcro straps or ratchet straps. The brake on Skike and SRB models is always part of the general fastening system and serves as a calf support. On the Nordic models from Powerslide, the brake is mounted on the boot shaft or is screwed to the rail and is attached to the calf above the boot shaft.

Firmly screwed shoes (similar to an inline skate) offer above all better power transmission and somewhat better stability, which pays off especially in rough terrain. The stepless adjustment of the rail ensures a secure stand and individual adjustment options. Most of the models' inner shoes are heat-mouldable and thus ensure a perfect fit. Depending on the model, the brake is mounted directly on the boot shaft or is attached to the calf above the shaft.

The heel lift "simulates" the function of the cross-country ski binding. Whether double pole thrust or straddle step, all techniques from classic cross-country skiing are thus also possible on the road or in light terrain. Real off-roaders and most skaters who come from inline skating, on the other hand, swear by the models without a high gear and thus benefit from the higher stability and better power transmission in skating style.

Contrary to the design of Nordic Cross Skates (with pneumatic tyres), roller skis are usually equipped with rubber or PU wheels. This means that they cannot be used off-road, but they have a real cross-country skiing feel. On the one hand, this is due to the somewhat longer rails and low standing height, but above all due to the use of the cross-country ski binding. This is screwed onto the aluminium rail and makes it possible to use cross-country ski boots even in summer. Skike and Powerslide also offer tracks with pneumatic tyres and cross-country ski bindings. Slightly more ground clearance than classic roller skis and the pneumatic tyres make these models suitable for off-road use and offer comfortable riding on the road. We recommend these combinations only to advanced Nordic skaters with cross-country skiing experience.



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