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Whether on a skate night as an eye-catcher or as an additional safety feature on evening skate tours, illuminated wheels for inline skates are absolutely sensible for several reasons. absolutely sensible. [read more]

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LED wheels for your skates

The wheels are available in various sizes and shapes. But what makes the wheels light up? There are currently three different techniques. The self-fluorescent wheels charge up in daylight and then glow in the dark.

Graphix Wheels from Powerslide have an LED module that is clipped into the rim of the wheel and is charged via a micro USB cable. Those LED wheels can not only simply light up, but also display complex patterns or even text while skating

Light wheels from most other manufacturers use a magnetic spacer. This is placed tight on the axle and the rotation of the wheel around the spacer generates the necessary electricity, similar to a bicycle dynamo. As soon as the wheel rotates fast enough around the spacer, the wheel lights up. The colour of the light is determined by the built-in LED.

Which ball bearings fit the light wheels? In general, all 608 standard ball bearings fit the castors. 688 micro bearings can also be used. In this case, however, the appropriate adapters must be used.

It should be noted that all glow wheels, apart from the fluorescent wheels, must not be ridden in wet conditions. Electricity and water simply do not go together.

Installation and assembly of LED wheels

Before mounting the light wheels on your inline skates, Maxi Micro Scooter or kickboard, you have to mount the magnet and ball bearing. No further tools are necessary for this assembly.

Place the magnet in the roller. You do not have to observe a running direction. Now insert the ball bearings into the light roller. You can either use the ball bearings of your inline skates or scooter or insert new ball bearings (standard size 608).

When fitting the bearings, you only have to make sure that the seal is on the outside. The ball bearings do not need to run in the same direction.

The light wheels can be installed as standard in all devices that have a fastening screw (axle) with a diameter of 8mm (e.g. Maxi Micro scooters and most inline skates). If the axle has a diameter of 6mm (e.g. with many K2 inline skates), an adapter is necessary.

This so-called plastic spacer is simply inserted into the ball bearing until it is flush. The spacer reduces the inner diameter of the bearing from 8 to 6mm and thus fits the thinner axle. Once the ball bearings are in place, the roller can be installed. The screw/axle probably has to be pushed through the roller with a little more pressure than you would need. through the light roller with a little more pressure than you are used to with normal rollers. This is necessary because the magnet has to sit quite tightly on the axle to generate the current for the LEDs.

Done! You are ready to shine and roll!



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