Stainless steel ball bearings for inline skates

Stainless steel ball bearings for inline skates - Your skate bearing expert,

Stainless steel ball bearings allow you to use your skates in wet conditions without worry. By using stainless steel or ceramic, you don't have to worry about rust, when skating in rain.

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For use on wet surfaces, we offer rustproof Skatebearings named Niro. An alternative to the rustproof Niro-bearings would be the Movemax speedbearing Imperator, the HTB gladiator bearing, Powerslide Twincam Rustproof, the Powerslide Cronitect Ceramic Speed??bearings and of course the Movemax fullceramic bearings. In combination with Bont- or MPC-rainwheels they offer the best conditions on wet surfaces. See also set offers.

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Whether standard, speed or Nordic bearings, you can get stainless ball bearings from HTB, Movemax, Wicked and other manufacturers. We have the bearing standards 608 and 6001 in our range. But even the best bearing needs care and good lubrication. Bearings that are used a lot in the rain need to be cleaned and lubricated more often, as the water can get dirt into the bearing more quickly. water gets into the bearing more quickly and the applied lubricant is rinsed out more quickly. You can find suitable products for cleaning and care here.

With the stainless steel ball bearings, nothing will stand in the way of the next ride after the rain or the marathon race. To ensure that you have enough grip, we recommend the use of rain rollers. These are specially designed for riding on wet surfaces and, in combination with stainless steel ball bearings, develop their full potential. stainless steel ball bearings, they develop their full potential.

If you still have questions, such as which ball bearing fits my wheels, then take a look at our ball bearing guide.



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