Inline skates for your next hockey match

Hockey skating offers the opportunity to play ice hockey in the summer as well as in the winter. The game is played with special pucks or a hockey ball and of course inline skates. The inline skates are very similar to ice hockey skates in terms of their construction and design. Of course, the ice blades are replaced by wheels, but otherwise the shape, materials and lacing are very similar. [weiterlesen]

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Inlineskates for Roller-Hockey

Three or four wheels, what makes sense or is better? Opinions are divided here and it depends very much on the player and which setup is preferred. Both have advantages and disadvantages. With 4 smaller wheels you can accelerate faster, but 3 larger wheels mounted in a short frame are a bit more manoeuvrable and faster at the end. Everyone should make up their own mind and see which setup suits their personal playing style best.

The sport of inline hockey is becoming increasingly popular. The sport has been organised in Germany since 1986. Two areas have emerged in the process:

  • Inline-Skaterhockey
  • Inlinehockey

With the subtle difference that inline hockey a ball (made of hard rubber or plastic) is used for playing and inline skater hockey a (roll) puck is used. In both types, appropriate protective equipment is always worn to play. The protectors do not differ from the protectors used in ice hockey.


In inline hockey, the direction is changed quickly and the action is pretty hard. This means that high forces act on the material and your body. Therefore, it is important that you find the perfect fit. This way you avoid blisters and chafing and you have more fun skating.

The best way to do this is to use our fit guide in three easy steps.



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