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Gifts for Inline Skater

Inlineskates are the perfect gift.

Inline skates are very trendy and help you to keep fit. It has never been more important to exercise in the fresh air. With inline skates, this is effortless, because the movement while skating is much gentler on joints and muscles than running.

No matter if beginner or professional, with Europe's largest assortment of inline skates, you will surely find what you are looking for. TRI skates or classic four-wheeler, fitness skates, urban skates or speed skates, we help you to choose the right skates.

Should the Inlineskates not fit, we offer an extended right of exchange of one month. Here you can find inlineskates from Powerslide, Rollerblade, K2 Skates, SEBA, FR Skates, ROCES, USD, and many more.

If our offer price is not the best, we offer you with our Best-Price-Request the possibility to get the items at the competitor's price.

Rolling gifts for skaters with Inlineskates from

Recommended Inlineskates

Recommended Kids Skates

Recommended Wheels

Recommended LED-Wheels

Inlineskate Wheels as a gift...

With new Wheels you get the best out of your inline skates. You improve the running characteristics, the grip and you are ready for new challenges on your skates.

Especially in the "dark" season every skater is happy about a set of LED-WHEELS, which are not only looking really nice, but are also an additional security feature in the dark.

Also rain wheels are very useful, with the special mixture of the wheels it is possible to skate even in wet conditions.

If you have questions about the wheel selection, call us or send us an email.

Training equipment for inline skaters

If the conditions for skating in the fresh air are not quite perfect, we offer with our training equipment especially for skaters the possibility to strengthen your skating skills off the wheels.

The MVX | movemax Slideboard allows skating in a small space and you don't even need skates.
A good possibility to improve your skating technique in winter.

Balance and wobble boards strengthen the muscle groups that are important for inline skating and also make training fun. It becomes especially interesting when the exercises are combined with other coordination exercises.
TIP: At first attempts, distance from grandma's crystal tableware ;)

Recommended Training equipment

Deuser Fascia Roll

Deuser Fascia Roll

24,95 € *
Push Up Bars

Push Up Bars

19,90 € *

Recommended Stuntscooter

Chilli Reaper Sun

Chilli Reaper Sun

149,00 € *
Our previous price: 189.90
Chilli Reaper Ocean

Chilli Reaper Ocean

219,90 € *

Recommended KIDS-Scooter

Micro Scooter Flex

Micro Scooter Flex

153,09 € *


Scooter & Kickboards are super practical, they can be used all year round and also makes the everyday communting easier. Our selection ranges from scooters for kids, to kickboards and scooters for adults, to stunt scooters for jumps and grinds.

Especially Stuntscooter are very trendy this year and are a perfect gift for kids. In our assortment you will find stuntscooters from Chilli, MGP, North Scooter, Longway and many more.

Kids Scooter from micro Mobilty have good running characteristics, they are light and can be handled by even the smallest children.

Kids scooters with their own name , make the scooter a very personal gift.

Young people and adults are also happy about a new scooter or kickboard. Especially the models from Frenzy und micro Mobility have proven themselves and withstand even the most difficult everyday journeys.

TIP for bad surfaces:
If you mainly drive on bad surfaces, you should use scooters with pneumatic tires.


Skateboarders usually have a proper wear on DECKS and WHEELS, therefore you can give them a real pleasure with new accessories.

For example with new wheels, trucks or bearings. In our assortment the suitable gifts for skateboarders are waiting.
Of course, the right look must not be missing, so skateboarders are also happy about nice Asseccoirs und Streetware.

Maybe there is also a new Complete-Board on the wish list. Here we have a fine selection of Mini-Logo, Toy Machine, Powell Peralta and more in our assortment.

If you have difficulties in choosing the right components, take a look at our SKATEBOARD FAQ. We are also happy to help you personally via mail or telephone.

If you don't like the board, the trucks don't fit or the wheels are just the wrong ones, don't worry, with our service we offer one month exchange. So just buy online and if you don't like it, return it for one month.

Recommended Skateboards

Skateboard Foundation JGB Push 7.875

Skateboard Foundation JGB Push 7.875"

95,00 € *
Our previous price: 119.95

Recommended Accessories

Recommended Roller Skates

Chaya Sapphire black

Chaya Sapphire black

314,00 € *
Chaya Pearl black

Chaya Pearl black

629,00 € *

Recommendedd Roller Skate accessories

Chaya Derby Plates Ophira DCM 2.0, silver 45° Truck

Chaya Derby Plates Ophira DCM 2.0, silver 45° Truck

99,00 € *
Our previous price: 249.00


Casual turns and groovy dance moves, this year you proparbly have seen more roller skates on the street than in a long time.

Roller skates are booming and are especially popular with the kids. Especially the cool retro look and the fresh designs of the roller skates are convincing.

From adjustable roller skates for children, to RETRO roller skates, to derby skates for professionals, you will find a fine selection of roller skates in our assortment fromn Chaya, Rio Roller, SFR, Playlife, Roces and more.

A roller skate basically consists of the shoe, the plates/trucks, wheels and ball bearings. In our Rollerskate equipment we have a selection that will bring shining eyes to every roller skater.

If you should have difficulties in choosing the right components, we will gladly help you by phone or e-mail.