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These are the smallest pneumatic tyres currently available on the inline skate market. The 125mm pneumatic tyres are only used in Powerslide's off-road models. They are used in the Renegade model series. [read more]

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Pneumatic tyres for 125mm Nordic skates

Thanks to the pneumatic tyres, the skates can still be ridden off-road and on wet surfaces. Those tyres are very robust. So if you do get a flat tyre, you don't have to replace the whole wheel. The tubes can be patched like bicycle tyres. Or the tube can simply be replaced if patching is no longer possible. If the tyre is damaged, you can of course get a new one from us. For easy disassembly and assembly of the new tyres, we recommend the following tools suitable tools like the Skike Triple Tire Changer. This makes working with the 125mm pneumatic tyres much easier.



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