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They are part of the basic structure of every Nordic skating pole - grips and straps. The grips and straps are of central importance for the correct technique and a sporty ride. How are these components constructed and how do they work together? Most of the grips are made of plastic. [read more]

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To increase the grip and prevent slipping, an imitation cork or a rubber strip with a good grip is often applied to the grip surface. No Nordic manufacturer will use real cork. The material is far too expensive and would not withstand the stresses of Nordic skating. The connection between pole and grip is made with hot glue. If a handle needs to be replaced, it can simply be heated in a water bath or with a hot air blower.

The handle can then be pulled off the stick. The new handle should then also be reattached with hot glue. Pay attention to the alignment of the handle and the tip of the stick. Both must fit together. Each grip also includes grip loops. They connect the skater to the pole. Technically clean Nordic skating is not possible without the loops. Through them, the sock can be brought forward again after the impression, for the next forward again for the next impression.

Every manufacturer uses its own connection system between the strap and the grip. KV+, for example, calls it Duplo Click, Leki calls its system Shark. All systems have their advantages and disadvantages. All high-quality systems make it possible to separate the handle from the strap. So you don't always have to pull the loops completely off your hand, before you can detach yourself from the pole.



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