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Larger wheels are becoming increasingly popular in all areas of skating. Together with the 110mm wheels, the 100mm inline skate wheels offer great all-round characteristics of speed, comfort and manoeuvrability. Thanks to their relatively low stand height, the 100mm wheels are very popular with tri-skate beginners. Due to the lower centre of gravity, the swap from 4x80mm to 3x100mm wheels is very easy.
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Here you find the most important wheels as part of a set. We offer low-price sets consisting of AM-Wing,- MPC- and Matter-wheels and bearings. Speedskaters we offer wheels and bearings with an optimal price-performance ratio.

100mm wheel sets at der-rollenshop.de

But also the increasing use of the 100mm wheels in freestyle skating and the use of the wheels in the speed skating, for curve-rich races, make the 100mm wheels a true allround machines. Therefore, it was clear to us that we also offer you sets. As with the 110mm wheels, we also have various manufacturers represented here.

Among others Powerslide, Matter, Hyper, RS Race, MPC and Movemax. All sets come with ball bearings and spacers. If you don't like the ready-made sets, then use the configurator to create your own personal set and still save with our set discounts.



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