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200mm Replacement Tyres for Nordic Skates at der-rollenshop.de

They are the largest pneumatic tyres used in Nordic and corss skating. The pneumatic wheels have a diameter of 200mm and a width of 50mm. Thanks to their size, they are ideal for riding on unpaved roads. This opens up completely new options for all Nordic skaters in terms of route design. All major Nordic manufacturers such as Skike, SRB and Powerslide have at least one model with 200mm pneumatic tyres in their product portfolio. [read more]

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Pneumatic wheels and accessories

Pneumatic tyres for 200mm suitable for Skike, Powerslide, SRB and many other Nordic Skates

But not every cross skater wants to ride on unpaved roads. When riding on asphalt or concrete tracks, the knobs on the 200mm off-road tyres are a hindrance and add to the rolling resistance. contribute to the rolling resistance. The solution here is a 200mm tyre with a road tread. So that everyone can find exactly the right tyre for their purpose, we have a large selection of Primo Alpha tyres and other 200mm tyres in our range.

But we don't just have tyres on offer, we also have replacement rims, inner tubes and complete wheels. To make it easier to remove and mount the tyres, we recommend using the Skike Triple Tire Changer in combination with our tyre mounting aid.



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