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Finally, free time, put on your skates and go. Ideally, that's how it goes, but what do you do when it rains and you still want to skate? Skating with conventional inline skate wheels on a wet surface is not much fun. "Normal" wheels offer very little grip on wet surfaces and slip away quickly. In addition, the ball bearings suffer in wet conditions if they are not stainless steel bearings. This makes skating in the rain a nail-biter, but it doesn't have to be that way!
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Rainwheels for Inline skates

Wheel brands like Powerslide and MPC have developed wheels that are specially made for wet conditions. Those rain wheels for inline skates, make it possible to skate in wet conditions. The wheels fit any skate as long as the diameter of the rain wheels matches the diameter of the track.

To ensure that the ball bearings survive the wet, they should be replaced with rustproof ball bearings. Here we have summarised how to change the wheels and bearings in your frame. Please note, that stainless steel ball bearings need some little care and cleaning every now and then ;)

With our rain wheels and stainless steel ball bearings, even rain can't ruin your next skating tour!



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