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They are an essential part of Nordic skating poles - the pole tips. They come in a wide variety of designs for different applications. What all tips have in common, however, is their task of providing the best possible grip so that the pole does not slip away during the push-off. [read more]

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Most tips are therefore made of hardened steel and are very pointed. This allows the tip to drill well into soft surfaces. But the tips also find a grip on coarse-pored asphalt. If the asphalt is too fine-pored and the tips can no longer find a grip, asphalt pads must be applied. These rubber pads are available from various manufacturers. They can simply be put on the tips. Please note that not every tip is compatible with every asphalt pad.

There are not only fixed tips, but also reversible tips and damped tips. But how do you fit a new Nordic skating tip? First of all, the old tip has to come off. To do this, the glue between the pole and the tip must be removed. This is best done in a bath of hot water or with a hot air blower. When the glue is warm, the old tip can be pulled off the cane tube in its entirety. The new tip can then be glued to the stick again with hot glue.

The glue hardens quickly, so make sure that the tips are aligned with the handles of the stick. Manufacturers such as KV+ now also offer QCD (Quick Change Design) tips. Here, a holder is glued to the pole. The tips can then be quickly and easily mounted there, with or without a snow plate.



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