80mm wheel sets for inline skates

80mm wheels with ball bearings and spacers - wheel sets from der-rollenshop.de

No matter which skate with 80mm wheels, be it from K2, Powerslide, Rollerblade and Co. they all need new wheels sooner or later. In our 80mm wheel sets you get the complete package. 80mm wheels for your area of use, with bearings and spacers, at great conditions.
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Here you find the most important wheels as part of a set. We offer low-price sets consisting of Movemax-, Matter-, Hyper- or Base-wheels and bearings. Fitness- and Hockey-skaters we offer wheels and bearings with an optimal price-performance ratio.

80mm wheels, bearings and spacers - wheel sets at der-rollenshop.de

Our 80mm wheel sets for inline skates include wheels, bearings and spacers. Whether Matter, Hyper, K2, Undercover or Rollerblade, we have the wheel set that will keep you rolling.

You are not sure yet whether the new wheels fit on your inline skates or which wheels are suitable as an upgrade? On our info page EXPERT SERVICE ON WHEELS FOR INLINE SKATES we have summarised everything for you.



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