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Whether 84mm or 80mm makes almost no difference. Both wheel sizes have become indispensable in the fitness sector of inline skating. Thanks to the low stand height, the wheels provide a safe stand feeling, especially for beginners.
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Here you find the most important wheels as part of a set. We offer low-price sets consisting of Movemax-, MPC- and Hyper-wheels and bearings. We offer wheels and bearings with an optimal price-performance ratio.

84mm wheels, bearings und Spacers - wheel sets at der-rollenshop.de

Freestyle skaters also appreciate the small wheels. We have therefore created a separate set category for 84mm inline skate wheels. We offer you all the well-known manufacturers here. The aim is to provide you with the best wheels in 84mm diameter at a low price. All wheels are shipped with spacers and ball bearings.

But which wheel suits your riding style? You can answer this question for yourself by taking a look at our wheels article. So now you know what kind of reel you want, the only question is which bearings go with it. To help you with this, we have also summarised this briefly in an article, it's worth reading. In addition to the ready-made sets, we have also set up a configurator for you. So if you don't find what you're looking for in the sets, you can put them together yourself and still save some money.

We ship all sets (except in the configurator) with 8mm spacers.



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