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If it is not possible to ski on normal cross-country skis in summer, they are replaced by roller skis. They are not as long as cross-country skis and glide on wheels. The bindings and cross-country ski boots are the same as in winter.
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The most important thing is that the movements are almost identical to cross-country skiing. This makes roller skis the ideal training equipment for athletes and recreational athletes. Since not all roller skis are the same, we offer a wide range of models and manufacturers, such as KV+, SRB and Skike.

There are models for the classic and skate style. If you want to train off the beaten track, you should take a look at the models from Skike and SRB. The Wahia series and the XRS01 are roller skis with pneumatic tyres. With pneumatic tyres, you can also ride on unpaved surfaces such as field and forest paths.

But can cross-country ski poles also be used for roller skiing? This cannot be said in general terms and depends on the length of the poles. The optimal length of the Nordic skating pole is 90% of the body height plus the standing height on the roller ski.

No suitable pole at home? We have a large selection of Vario and fixed poles made of aluminium and carbon on offer.



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