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Wheels and castors are responsible for the smooth gliding and progress of roller skis and nordic skates. It is therefore particularly important that they always function perfectly. [read more]

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Nordic Skating Tyres, Tubes, Jackets and Wheels

In addition, the tyres must be adapted to the area of use, otherwise they will not perform properly. To avoid having to buy new Nordic skates or roller skis in the event of a defect or a change in the surface, we offer a wide range of wheels, pneumatic wheels, tyres, tubes and various small parts from different brands (Powerslide, Skike, KV+, etc.), and various small parts of different brands (Powerslide, Skike, KV+, etc.).

125mm, 150mm und 200mm Air Tyres

The tyres of the skates have different diameters, so always pay attention to the maximum possible diameter when buying. Many skates are designed for a fixed size, others can accommodate different sizes.

In our range you will find every common size: 125mm, 150mm and 200mm air tyres.



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