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Cross or Nordic Skating sets are a great foundation for getting started in Nordic Skating. The sets always consist of a pair of Nordic skates of the brands Skike, SRB or Powerslide and Nordic skating poles.
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Depending on the preferences and requirements of our customers, we offer fixed and variable poles made of carbon and aluminium. What is still missing from the basic equipment are, in our opinion, pads and a helmet. This is the only way to ensure safe skating. We have put together a selection of adaptable protective products for you here, because not every protector and helmet is suitable for Nordic skating.

Skikes like the V9 Fire 200 or the SRB XRS06 use a binding system. This makes it possible to use the cross skates with shoes, a fixed upper shoe is not mounted. Which type of shoe is best suited for use in binding systems is a matter of preferences. The shoe should be firm and it is advantageous for the entry if the ankle is firmly enclosed. For sets with a fixed upper shoe, the fit of the shoe is crucial. You can read all about the fit and sizing of your feet here.



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