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Lubricant for skate bearings

Every ball bearing that is made with metal needs lubrication.
The lubrication in the bearing, ensures low friction, the heat generated can be better processed and dust and dirt cannot enter the bearing as quickly.

Which lubricant is right for inline skate ball bearings?

There is no general answer to this, because the different lubricants also have different properties.
In addition, every skater has his or her own preferences and habits. The following overview shows the differences.

First of all, do not use "household products" such as WD40 or silicone spray to lubricate skate ball bearings or other roller sports equipment with ball bearings. This may provide short-term improvement, but in the long term these are not suitable lubricants.

Whether inline skates, skateboards or scooters, a distinction is generally made between three different lubricants in roller sports.


+ Ready for use immediately
+ Easy application
+ Low rolling resistance

- shorter retention time in the bearing
- Regular cleaning & relubrication necessary
- Less protection against dirt and moisture

Intended use
Oils are suitable for skaters who value the best performance without break-in time and who clean and lubricate their bearings regularly. For sporty fitness skaters and speed skaters.


+ Long retention time in the bearing
+ Less maintenance and relubrication required
+ Very good protection against dirt and moisture

- Longer running-in period necessary
- More time-consuming cleaning
- Higher rolling resistance

Intended use
The perfect lubricant for occasional skaters and skaters who are also out and about in bad weather, such as Nordic skaters or for rain rollers.


+ Quickly ready for use, short break-in time
. + Easy application & long dwell time
+ Low rolling resistance & low maintenance

- More expensive than oil or fat

Intended use
Dry lubricants combine the good properties of oils and greases. However, they are more expensive in comparison. Suitable for all types of skating.



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