Bearing 608 Standard

Skate ball bearing with standard 608

The 608 standard ball bearing is one of the most used ball bearings in roller sports. All technical data and the general structure of a 608 standard bearing can be found here.
In short, it can be said that 608 standard ball bearings are usually made of steel and are classified by an ABEC, ILQ or SG designation.

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Almost all inline skates are equipped with a standard 608 ball bearing. Possible manufacturers here are: Wicked, TwinCAM, Bones, Rollerblade or K2, to name but a few.

These bearings are usually matched to the skate and only need to be replaced if they are defective or you have special requirements for the bearings, such as that they should be rust-free, so that they can be used in the rain.

When it comes to increasing the speed of your skates, new and better inline skate wheels have a much greater effect. A replacement (especially with new ball bearings) is not necessary. Even if the running performance of 608 standard bearings decreases over time, they do not necessarily have to be replaced.

Cleaning is often sufficient. It should be noted that not all bearings can be opened for cleaning. If even cleaning won't helpf, it is time for a new set of bearings.

As all 608 bearings have the same dimensions, you can choose from our full range of 608 bearings. For example, we recommend the SKF-Race ABEC5 ball bearing. This is one of the fastest steel bearings on the market at a very interesting price.

For further information, we recommend our in-depth ball-bearing advice.



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