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SRB is primarily known for its first-class cross-country and roller ski products. But cross- or nordic skates also come from SRB. The brand name SRB from the family-run company Arno Barthelmes guarantees solid workmanship since 1884.
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During production, attention is paid to the use of selected materials and the latest technologies. This ensures that the high-performance sports equipment always meets the demands of athletes and coaches.

The constant feedback from the community as well as the endurance test carried out by the TÜV are a guarantee for constant innovation and quality of the SRB cross skates. Just like Skike, SRB also relies on a binding system that is used with a street or hiking shoe. In order not to make the crossskates unnecessarily heavy, SRB offers two weight classes. All crossskates from the XRS01 to XRS07 series can be ordered as 90kg or 120kg version. Backstops are optionally available for some models. We also have spare wheels in 150mm and 200mm sizes in our range.



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