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How to clean your bearings

1. Remove the bearings from the wheel. Please use a special tool and don´t damage the spacer or the shield of the bearing.

1.1. Use the nose of the tool to remove the bearing if you use 8mm spacers.

1.2.You can easily push out the spacer with the tool, if your skates are equipped with 6mm axles.

2. Gently remove the non-contact rubber shield with a push pin or the edge of a small knife by prying the shield upwards from under the shield at the inner ring. It should pop up and out quite easily, so handle them gently and don’t bend them or cut the seal.

3. Clean the bearings. We prefer and recommend a special bearing washer. You can use a brush or compressed air to get a perfect result.

4. Finally the clean bearings need a new lubrication. You can choose between oil, grease and special lubrication for speedskates. Just use 2-3 drops per bearing.

5. Close the bearing with the shield/cover and assemble the wheel.