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FAQ Wheels


Wheels are available in different diameters. The width of a wheel for inlineskate is always 24mm.

The larger the wheel, the better the speed. Speedskaters mostly prefer wheels from 90mm up to 125mm. The typical wheel size for a recreational skater is 76mm to 90mm.  Smaller wheels are recommended for beginners (76-80mm), hockey players (64-80mm), stunt-, free and urbanskater (50-84mm).


The hardness of a wheel will be measured in A, from a soft wheel in 72a up to a very hard 101a.

Speed/Race: 83a-88a
Fitness/Recreational: 78a-84a
Beginners: 78a-80a
Hockey: 72a-84a
Stunt/Aggressive: 88a-101a
Inline-Alpin: 74a-86a