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How to choose the perfect length of your nordic skating pole

Nordic skating poles are available in in 5 cm increments.
We recommend the standard formular to find the perfect length of your poles:

Body lenghth in cm x 0,9 + 2,5

Body height in cm Pole length
150-152cm 140cm
153-155cm 140-145cm
156-158cm 145cm
159-161cm 145-150cm
162-164cm 150cm
165-167cm 150-155cm
168-170cm 155cm
171-173cm 155-160cm
174-176cm 160cm
177-179cm 160-165cm
180-182cm 165cm
183-185cm 165-170cm
186-188cm 170cm
189-191cm 170-175cm
192-194cm 175cm
195-197cm 175-180cm
198-200cm 180cm