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Escooters are probably the most discussed means of transport of the last year!

In many of our neighboring countries they are already an integral part of the street scene and are now finally coming to the big cities of Germany. The electric vehicles are the further developed form of the well-known scooters and look like that for the first time. But with the help of an electric motor and a strong battery, the electric scooters are perfect for every ride through the city of Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Munich or any other city.

Whether for work, shopping or school, the scooters are super practical. The big advantage of the electric scooters is their electric drive, which makes it possible to cruise relaxed and fast through the city. Here you will find eScooters with top offers and reliable service.

The electrified scooters are particularly convincing in inner-city areas and on the last mile.
But a relaxed ride in the country side also works with the eScooters from

In our assortment you will find scooters of the brands Metz Moover, Egret, The Urban and SXT-Scooter.
All electric scooters have a powerful battery, a high manufacturing quality and are approved according to the Elektrokleinstfahrzeugsverordnung, short eKFV.  This means that they can be used in the public transport area with an appropriate insurance label.

You can find a detailed FAQ about eScooter at