Undercover Wheels Cosmic Solar 125mm

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Kategorie: Slalom | Urban | Freeskate

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The Cosmic Solar 125 is a fast rolling and long lasting compound specially made for freeskate and urban skating. The orange 86a urethane combined with the full radius and the reflex hub are the main ingredients that give you more stability and consistency on the roll. This product is designed for skaters who love to keep everything under control even at speeds of 125mm wheels. These wheels are poured in Texas, USA. Cosmic wheels always offer fresh new designs and more color options. UC PUTS COLOUR UNDER YOUR FEET.

Bezeichnung UC Undercover
Rollengröße 125mm
Rollenhärte 86a (F1)
Radius Full
Breite (Lauffläche) 24mm
Kugellageraufnahme 608 Standard
Verpackungseinheit Einzeln/Stück

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