Instructions for converting the Skike V9 Fire 200 to alloy wheels.

Why rebuild? There are at least four good reasons for air wheels with aluminium rims:
- divisible rim allows quick tyre changes without special tools
- stainless steel ball bearings allow training even in humid or wet conditions without destroying the bearings
- Tire has less rolling resistance than the original wheel and is more grippy in wet conditions.
- aluminium rim is more precise

All you need for the conversion is
- the assembly tool of the Skike V9 Fire 200 (included)
- 200mm air wheel on aluminium rim

Important information: The backstop has no function after the conversion!

1. first remove the original wheel We need the two hook/outer spacers and the inner spacer for the conversion.

2. now prepare the tuning wheel with aluminium rim. Put both ball bearings and the spacer into the rim.

3. as the Skike V9 Fire 200 is delivered with 6mm axles (for fixing the wheels), we have to reduce the inner diameter of the ball bearings (the aluminium rim of 12mm). For this we use the spacer of the backstop from the original wheels (red circle)

4. now place the hooks of the backstop in the ball bearings on both sides. 

5. when mounting the aluminium rim, make sure that the hooks of the backstop rest on top of the frame. Insert the original axle of the skike and screw it tight (do not forget the washers!) 

6. check the tightness of the axles and the correct position of the hooks

We did it! This is what the finished wheel should look like. 

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