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Why you profit as a runner from training on inline skates.

Improved running results thanks to active Regeneration on Inline Skates.

By using inline skates as an alternative training method to running, you can give your body an active break and train your endurance and strength skills at the same time.

Discover new muscle groups

Inline skating requires similar muscle groups to running, but the skate movement requires additional abdominal and back muscles. This will improve your posture, stabilize your body and improve your running performance.

Stress complaints?
Just let it roll.

Low loads on all joints ensure a gliding motion sequence during inline skating. Inline skating is the optimal alternative sport for runners to keep the loss of condition as low as possible in case of overload problems.

Rollerblade Inline Skates Endurace Elite 110

Rollerblade Inline Skates Endurace Elite 110

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Our previous price: 479.00
Rollerblade Inline Skates Endurace 110

Rollerblade Inline Skates Endurace 110

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Our previous price: 429.00