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Agressive Inline Skate Wheels

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Aggressive wheels are designed for high loads and fast acceleration. The earlier wheels only had a diameter from 58mm to 60mm this has now changed. Aggressive wheels are now available in sizes from 44mm (antirocker) to 80mm diameter. The reason for this is the progression of the sport itself. [read more]

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Agressive Inline Skate Wheels

Style mix and the USD AEON 80, for example, uses 80mm wheels. He thus combines the advantages of an aggressive skate with those of a freestyle skate. But also the constantly increasing ramps at contests such as the FISE World Tour have ensured that the Aggressive inline skate wheels have also become larger. More size (diameter) also means a higher top speed. But it depends not only on the size.

Also the shape of the roles has changed. Here there are (Anitrocker times excluded) three Shaps. Flat, Round and the Bullet Shape. And what distinguishes the three? The Flat Wheels are wheels with a very straight tread. If you look at the wheel from the front, you see a smooth, hardly curved, tread. This provides a very good straight running, almost like on rails, but flat wheels are not particularly maneuverable. This makes the roller profile ideal for jumping gaps or big ramps. Please do not confuse the roll form Flat with the Flatsetup in aggressive skating. Even if the terms are very close to each other, these are two completely different things. If you're looking for more info on flat, antirocker or freestyle setup, you can find it in our article UFS rails/aggressive rails.

. Let's move on to the Round Aggressive rollers. These have, as the name implies, a round tread. So they are more maneuverable than the flat rollers and also a little faster. For this they are not as track stable.

Then there are the aggressive rollers with bullet shape. These are thanks to the narrow tread fastest and most maneuverable. Thus, they are perfect for the bowl or the flowing skatepark.

What all rollers have the same is the ball bearing mount. Here, all manufacturers rely on the 608 standard bearings. More info on the subject of ball bearings is here.



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