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Skike are the inventors of cross- or nordic skating. Cross-skating is therefore often also called skiking. Skike is a combination of the words skate and bike. Skike has become particularly popular among athletes and recreational athletes who do not want to see their limits set at the end of the asphalt road.
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Nordic Skating is a sport for everyone to experience boundless freedom even off-road and on wheels. Since its invention, Skike has continued to develop. Today, Skike is one of the largest nordic skate manufacturers in the world.

With products like the SKIKE V9 Fire series, the german company has set new standards time and again. The V9 series comes with a backstop, lockable heel lift and a binding system that can be used with street or hiking boots. Quality Made in Germany. But not only first-class and innovative nordic skates come from Skike, also a variety of products around cross skates are part of the product portfolio. Among other things, spare wheels, poles, pole tips and much more. We have all these products in our range, or you can order them.

Which Skike version suits my riding style?

In the following we show you which skike fits which riding style.

Do you like skating style on smooth paths and roads and on flat terrain? Then the Skike V7 Plus Pro is just right for you. This Skike comes with 150mm pneumatic tyres and a fixed foot plate. Thus, it offers excellent characteristics for speedy riding. Wetness and puddles can't do you much harm, as the Skike is already delivered with mudguards.

If it gets a bit hillier but the ground is still smooth, the Skike V9 Fire 150 is recommended. It has a backstop that makes going uphill child's play. Thanks to this, you can also stop on the mountain and still not roll back. To get up the hill even more comfortably, the heel lift of the skike can be activated. With active heel lift, you can easily ride up the mountain in classic style. Even with active heel lift, you can still ski in skating style. If you also like to train in bad weather, we recommend the additional mudguards for the Skike V9 Fire 150.

Asphalt or Offroad?

As soon as it goes into the alpine area, with paved paths and roads, the Skike Fire 150 Tour is the first choice. This is made for the classic style. With this Skike, the stroke goes over the entire footplate. With this and the backstop, you can really get up any mountain. You want to explore the hilly countryside on dirt tracks and forest roads? Then the Skike V9 Fire 200 is just right for you. It offers the same features as the Skike V9 Fire 150 (activatable heel lift and backstop), but with the 200mm tyres it has much better off-road mobility.

Of course, this Skike can also be ridden on the road. If the hills turn into mountains, you should go for the Skike V9 Fire 200 Tour. This has the basic technical equipment of the Skike V9 Fire 150 but can be ridden much better off-road with the 200mm tyres.



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