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Howto: mount new bearings/wheels

If your wheels total worn out or your bearings so very rusty that they do not work anymore, you should replace them. We tell you how!

1. Resolve and pull out the Axles/Screws. Note: Working to quick and uncarefully resaults faults at screws threads. Use good and suitable tools.

2. Remove the wheels

3. Mounting the new wheels incl. bearings If your old bearings still good and you only want new wheels, the old bearings must be removed from the worn out wheels. 8mm axles: Use the metal arbor of the tool to remove the bearings from the wheels. 6mm axles: Just press out the bearings and spacer from the wheel. Work cautiously and carefully to damage noththing.

3.1 Now the bearings come into the new wheels, if you want to mount a completely new Set of wheels and bearings. Press a bearing in the core, turn the wheel, insert the Spacer (adjusted of your Skates/frame 6mm or 8mm) and press the second bearing in the wheel. To grant an equal rotation, the bearings must be match very precisely in the wheel.


4. Mounting of new wheel: Insert the wheel incl. the bearings and Spacer in the frame and fix the axles/screws. Work carefully and cautiously to not damage the axle/ thread. Like that you can change/ exchange or replace all wheels and bearings.