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WHEELS FOR INLINE SKATES with 90mm diameter

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90mm wheels are a good choice for skaters who place a lot of value on fast acceleration and manoeuvrability. The smaller the wheel of an inline skate, the faster they are to accelerate and the easier it is to make a quick turn. [read more]

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Smaller wheels, such as the 90mm wheel size, also have an advantage on inclines and in sprints. The 90mm wheel can therefore be used by both professionals and beginners. The possible uses are different. A beginner will use the 90mm castor in his leisure or touring skate, whereas a professional will use the castor more in a triskate to fully exploit the advantage of manoeuvrability. Many manufacturers have recognised this and brought skates with 90mm wheels onto the market precisely for this purpose.

But which 90mm reel is suitable for which area of use? A look at our wheel overview will help. There we have summarised all the important information on the subject of castors, their hardness levels and areas of use. Of course, we also have suitable ball bearings in our range. Like all inline skate wheels, the 90mm wheels also use the 608 ball bearing standard.

If it takes too long to put together a set of wheels, bearings and spacers, or if you just want to save a bit of money, then take a look at our wheel sets. Here you can get wheels, bearings and spacers in one set at great prices.



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